Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sweet ride..

tuesday, four days away from the atlanta show. i am working on not being freaked out, which is fairly normal before a big show...i always feel like i could have more stock. each piece i make in the sgraffito fashion, takes a bit of time, for example a full day of carving mugs would equal...about 10 mugs..this is the maz i can do before i feel stir crazy for sitting. i work in a fashion that i rarely just sit and do deco work. i always am working non a couple of different aspects of the work cycle, throwing, reclaiming, cleaning, sculpting, blogging!,looking at blogs, eating, playing with my dogs, reading back issues of niche, and ceramics montly, doing random yoga poses that i make up, staring at my bikes,, thinking i should go ride, going for a ride,talking on my headset to other friends who don't do the nine-to-five, being emma's assistant,arranging my pandora's box playlist, picking a this american life episode, making yerba tea, wedging clay, and taking pics...yes, i do like to rotate activities...much to do today, the last day i can really work before load the kiln, it will be a late night for sure. here are some pics of the road ride i went on with my buddy lance..it was a nice loop that went out on the parkway for a screaming downhill, to the top of app. ski mountian, into town, and back down to his house, where coco and emma were racing up the stairs to "get us" yelling my dadddy, myyy dadddy..very cute. i forgot both my helmet and gloves in my excitement to ride. got to admit it did feel good..also here are two masks, plan to do more... i really like the combination of three-d with the use of two-d. i just try and act like the mask is a flat canvas..it plays with the eyes to look at them..in one i use the eye twice do you see?


Patricia Griffin said...

The masks are looking great! Your day sounds totally random and wonderful. But no more forgetting the helmet, K?

www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

thanks, and yes, helmet is a must..my buddy was like, "i thought you looked different"...after he said "where's your helmet.."...once again i was wild.free.and lucky!