Saturday, September 20, 2008

sat. night fever..

so..i was a little upset yesterday about the kiln fiasco..even took a hot bath..i like to think that i remain unattached with my work,that i am more processed oriented. to me i look to the next pot, don't sit too still with the work. a lot of movement is what i dig. well, siince i have been doing these larger pieces, my emotional well-being is holding hands with the outcome. i have all kinds of dreams about the pieces that night i glaze fire,..and afterwards don't want to sell them! maybe it is because they have faces...well, the snake goddess came out with a huge crack running along the side from cooling super quick, and had clay stuck on her head from the explosions..i brought it to the market just as a attention grabber for my smaller pieces, not even thinking about selling sold before 9am! i cut the price quite a bit to $225, but i still was shaking my head...i mean the universe has heard my soul speak its love for the clay i guess., she loved the crack, and thought it gave it just the right character...again, i have just learned that i really know little about the what people i am glad that i didn't get too twisted over the kiln, no worries is the best are some masks that i made today while playing with my daughter, i made them reversible! i will do alot more deco to them..just wait.. the solo devil is for tim, the teen-ager next door, the other one is mykalyas', a ten year old who hangs out in the studio sometimes..she want to be a potter, and a artists, and maybe something else too ,when she grows up..she is quite talented really..the other pic is of the wine goblets that have fired clay stuck to the bottom, and commissioned chalice that is no good too!..tonight i will work on some more sgraffito pieces....

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Patricia Griffin said...

What a great way to describe the disappointment that we sometimes feel when the final result doesn't match our vision of it... I will be quoting you: "My emotional well-being is holding hands with the outcome." Love that.

Your customer who purchased the cracked pot got a great deal... Your work is awesome, perhaps the crack added that much more character!