Thursday, September 25, 2008

muy bueno dia, posible.

i love spanish. don't speak it that great, just enough to convey the idea. i hope to improve on it through traveling:)...i often write in spanish on my pots, it is such a pretty language. well, here are some camera window is shattered, so i a shooting blind. the goblets have bells in the stems, and i added underglaze paint later...the masks were fun, already have many ideas for the next batch..i did some small stain tests, with copper carb. gertsley, yellow iron?(can't remember name) goal with the masks is to incorporate many different methods..stains.underglazes.glazes.china.paints.clays.metal.fabric.sgraffito...texture.texture.texture!...excited about where this side project will go... loaded a bisque kiln last night, about 3/4 full. hard to fill it up with small pieces of sgraffito work in one week. the weather is turning cooler here, and as the weather changes, i become more reflective. i feel blessed to live in the mountains, the seasons are so vibrant here. might go for a quick ride behind my house, take the dogs..yes that is a good way to, i will be throwing mugs.a large goblets...then pick up emma and go to a birthday party at the cove creek park..sweet.


Deborah Woods said...

Does it get very cold where you are? Can you continue to work in your garage? I have to start mentally preparing myself for winter. It gets pretty cold in my studio. I have a powerful space heater, but still chilly. I use a crockpot for my throwing bucket in the winter-it really helps. Your masks freak me out a little-kinda scary. said...

hi deborah. yes it gets chilly, but not really until jan...winters, seem to be getting milder overall...yes, thanks to a small cast iron stove, the studio stays really comfy..the structure is poured concrete block, that backs into a hill with fully insulated attic. my old studio was still unfinished and the highs somedays, with heaters cranking was a balmy forty degrees! i have definitely done my cold-time! are you in the mountains too?