Thursday, September 18, 2008

listing away..

spent much too much time web-surfing this morning, so this will be short...i am waiting for the bisque load to cool, will do glaze tonight. today i will be throwing mugs, doing some deco work, and hopefully with help from my friend steve installing a large sink/glaze, wedging area next to the kiln. this will open up the flow of the studio more,and i will have water! sweet. besides making work for my three upcoming shows in oct.,here is a brief goal list....gather pictures and portfolio galleries in philly about my nov. mountain boarding co. about follow up design mountain pathways bumper sticker, mellissa reaves t-shirt (pics shown), start back throwing my designs to, update my etsy store...update my old-ass website..get a road bike..apply to shows...finish summer commissions..holy shit doing this list thing is too much!..i will just stick with today! off to throw some mugs..more pics later! chao.

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