Friday, September 19, 2008


very full last couple of times with emma-dill&coco-bean, installed a sink(thanks steve!), two epic bike rides.., one exploded- ruined kiln!, awesome apples, waterfalls, jumps, hikes,spills, energy goos, burning calfs, yoga, toads, moths, endless adverture....and a very tired body! are pics to do the talking,..farmer's market in morn....goodnight


Deborah Woods said...

Congratulations on your water-you must be stoked. Hey, I meant on that last comment, blank ring, not bland ring. Too bad about the explosion. Good reason to maybe think about a bland ring huh?

I finally went out for a small ride the other day. I used to ride avidly, at least 75 miles a week and I don't know, I'm just maybe too devoted to feeling like I have to spend x hours in my studio-sleeping in till nine many mornings isn't exactly helping my free time either. I think you've inspired me to go on a quick ride this morning. I have a really sweet bike that I got for free, a Cannondale SuperV900. I mean, who has a bike like that and doesn't ride it? said...

thats great that you are going to get back in the saddle! i bet the riding is sweet up there! yeah, i could have used a bland ring..i am just to stubborn too be sensible..