Wednesday, September 17, 2008


currently uploading a video onto youtube. it is of this last large piece, i spent a good deal of time on ..approx., that is such a big move for me. i used to try and crank out the work, feeling the pressure of making money and delaying me having to get a job. i have just recently let go of the fear of not making it, and instead have visualized taking my art to the next level. really it is a waste of time to nurture fear...99% of mine never come to fruition anyways..sia-nara fear, hello possibilities!i am interested in eventually doing one of a kind sculpture, that would involve different metals! here are the to build a clay section around my kiln, since this piece is again too large! need a bigger kiln! one that i can fire pieces that are six one?">


Deborah Woods said...

Hi Jeff-have you considered using a bland ring? As long as you don't fire too high you might be able to get away with it.

Deborah Woods said...

I meant blank ring-funny-you must be like, what the %$#?