Tuesday, September 30, 2008

sweet ride..

tuesday, four days away from the atlanta show. i am working on not being freaked out, which is fairly normal before a big show...i always feel like i could have more stock. each piece i make in the sgraffito fashion, takes a bit of time, for example a full day of carving mugs would equal...about 10 mugs..this is the maz i can do before i feel stir crazy for sitting. i work in a fashion that i rarely just sit and do deco work. i always am working non a couple of different aspects of the work cycle, throwing, reclaiming, cleaning, sculpting, blogging!,looking at blogs, eating, playing with my dogs, reading back issues of niche, and ceramics montly, doing random yoga poses that i make up, staring at my bikes,, thinking i should go ride, going for a ride,talking on my headset to other friends who don't do the nine-to-five, being emma's assistant,arranging my pandora's box playlist, picking a this american life episode, making yerba tea, wedging clay, and taking pics...yes, i do like to rotate activities...much to do today, the last day i can really work before load the kiln, it will be a late night for sure. here are some pics of the road ride i went on with my buddy lance..it was a nice loop that went out on the parkway for a screaming downhill, to the top of app. ski mountian, into town, and back down to his house, where coco and emma were racing up the stairs to "get us" yelling my dadddy, myyy dadddy..very cute. i forgot both my helmet and gloves in my excitement to ride. got to admit it did feel good..also here are two masks, plan to do more... i really like the combination of three-d with the use of two-d. i just try and act like the mask is a flat canvas..it plays with the eyes to look at them..in one i use the eye twice do you see?

Sunday, September 28, 2008


we have had lots of rain, measured 2.5 inches! in the last 24 hrs...very busy gearing up for the norcross show in atlanta..here are some samples of the last kiln mostly mugs, tumblers, and wine goblets..these seem to sell the best over-all, i do enjoy doing them in short spurts, soon i will have to do a sculptural piece, i can feel it welling up inside...i also have some masks that are waiting to be sgraffito'd..they will be funky, haven't ventured into this area yet, should be fun...the masks here still need nose-rings and colored bead deco work..the next round i will be incorporating a lot of metal, steel, and cast iron if i can find any.. the melting point of these two is above cone 04, what i will be firing these to...found object, clay masks..sounds good..have a nice sunday live it up....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

muy bueno dia, posible.

i love spanish. don't speak it that great, just enough to convey the idea. i hope to improve on it through traveling:)...i often write in spanish on my pots, it is such a pretty language. well, here are some pics...my camera window is shattered, so i a shooting blind. the goblets have bells in the stems, and i added underglaze paint later...the masks were fun, already have many ideas for the next batch..i did some small stain tests, with copper carb. gertsley, yellow iron?(can't remember name)..my goal with the masks is to incorporate many different methods..stains.underglazes.glazes.china.paints.clays.metal.fabric.sgraffito...texture.texture.texture!...excited about where this side project will go... loaded a bisque kiln last night, about 3/4 full. hard to fill it up with small pieces of sgraffito work in one week. the weather is turning cooler here, and as the weather changes, i become more reflective. i feel blessed to live in the mountains, the seasons are so vibrant here. might go for a quick ride behind my house, take the dogs..yes that is a good way to start..today, i will be throwing mugs.a large platter.wine goblets...then pick up emma and go to a birthday party at the cove creek park..sweet.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


my camera LED got smashed in the computer bag. i will still try and use it. went on a great ride yesterday, played with emma, and had yoga class. i had planned on putting emma to bed at nine and then working for three hours, but when i laid down next to her, it was lights out! my body is smiling today..and i will be working all day until about seven. mostly wine goblets and mask deco...i hope to throw some more mugs for tomm...today i am feeling the pottery factory vibe. my friend tasha is on her way over to do some handbuilding, she says! i don't want to mess with the wheel..like it is evil or something! i love the wheel, such beauty, so quick! carpe diem!

Monday, September 22, 2008

need some funds..

i will be attending an art auction, this friday in which...there will be a joan miro, and picasso that i will be bidding on. hopefully no one knows who they are and i can get them for under $200. really i would pay up to four for the miro piece..i know i will be way outbid, but it will be fun to pretend like i am a rich-man-art-collector. here are some of the masks that i will be tweaking more..some i will paint, and after they are fired i will be adding fabric and metal additions..i am also cranking away with the sgraffito work, will finish a couple of commissions and build stock for the october shows..going to see the new coen brothers show tonight...stoked..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

sat. night fever..

so..i was a little upset yesterday about the kiln fiasco..even took a hot bath..i like to think that i remain unattached with my work,that i am more processed oriented. to me i look to the next pot, don't sit too still with the work. a lot of movement is what i dig. well, siince i have been doing these larger pieces, my emotional well-being is holding hands with the outcome. i have all kinds of dreams about the pieces that night i glaze fire,..and afterwards don't want to sell them! maybe it is because they have faces...well, the snake goddess came out with a huge crack running along the side from cooling super quick, and had clay stuck on her head from the explosions..i brought it to the market just as a attention grabber for my smaller pieces, not even thinking about selling it...it sold before 9am! i cut the price quite a bit to $225, but i still was shaking my head...i mean the universe has heard my soul speak its love for the clay i guess., she loved the crack, and thought it gave it just the right character...again, i have just learned that i really know little about the what people like..so i am glad that i didn't get too twisted over the kiln, no worries is the best policy..here are some masks that i made today while playing with my daughter, i made them reversible! i will do alot more deco to them..just wait.. the solo devil is for tim, the teen-ager next door, the other one is mykalyas', a ten year old who hangs out in the studio sometimes..she want to be a potter, and a artists, and maybe something else too ,when she grows up..she is quite talented really..the other pic is of the wine goblets that have fired clay stuck to the bottom, and commissioned chalice that is no good too!..tonight i will work on some more sgraffito pieces....

Friday, September 19, 2008


very full last couple of days..fun times with emma-dill&coco-bean, installed a sink(thanks steve!), two epic bike rides.., one exploded- ruined kiln!, awesome apples, waterfalls, jumps, hikes,spills, energy goos, burning calfs, yoga, toads, moths, endless adverture....and a very tired body!..here are pics to do the talking,..farmer's market in morn....goodnight