Tuesday, August 19, 2008


took the morning off to take my daughter to tweetsie railroad with coco and jenna. they had a blast. the park is a throw back from the fifties, the rides are all old school. no height restrictions, these girls went on everything, they did not like the ferris wheel too much...coco wanted off pretty bad, so jenna asked the guy too let them off, and he said sorry lady..so old school..here is some work for my up coming show this weekend. the pitcher is for my friend jay, who is getting a collection of the amber-glazed style, little by little. this one is on me... i will be cranking it up for the next 24 hrs., hope to get 20 mugs done! i love the start of the week, to me it represents hope and promise for new work and ideas to come to fruition..the symbolism in a potters work is so grand. we see a lump of clay as limitless manifestation...

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