Wednesday, August 27, 2008

show pics..

rain.rain.rain....i am trying to be grateful for it, but damn i needs my pots ta dry ya know! also, i haven't got a bike ride in this week, which is causing me to be a bit stir crazy....but the plants and rivers, are loving it. good for them. here are some pics from last in cary,nc.what a great long, day that my pack job? yea, me too..i still am trying new things with my booth presentation. i used cinder blocks this time!.. thanks to everyone who came out and bought some of my work...couldn't do it without ya..;) in retrospect , i would have liked to taken more pics of people with their new pieces. for me, it really completes the cycle in a nice way, when i get to met the person who likes my i will be doing some deco work, then off to a interview for the town newspaper, and finishing the afternoon with my daughter at the library with some friends...have a good day all..


Patricia Griffin said...

Another interview with the town newspaper? Didn't you just get one of those? That's very cool!

I love the photos of your work with the new owners. That big platter is to die for! What a beauty! said...

yes, i am like a local media star...., really this is for another newspaper, the mountain times...i am promoting my show at a local gallery.., yes, i really like when the platters make it all the way loss rate is about 50% for the bigguns...just lost three this past week due to...i don't really know. i compress the hack out of the bottoms, so my guess is i am dru=ying them too fast...i am going to do a showed called"cracked"..just with cracked sgraffito pieces..brilliant! it's all art right?????