Monday, August 11, 2008


the camping trip, was a success, i will post pics later. the girls had fun, they played, fought, cried, laughed, screamed..toddlers seem to be able to show the hole range of human emotion in the span of a hour. it can be a bit taxing on one's serenity...i am cranking up the volume in the studio. i have big show in two weeks, and coupled with tring to stay on top of my gallery and farmer's market stock, i plan on working twelve hour days for the next ten days...i have some new ideas to try out and will be caving the heck out of mugs, tumblers, and sake sets! i would like to really make alot of money so i can invest in some new glaze materials, pay for my daughter's school, put some away for the upcoming winter...i am like a clay is a large bottle 20"X7", it has already been sold, i really didn't mean for the glaze to spill like this, but what a happy accident, since the carving is of lucy holding a umbrella while it rains..


ang said...

wow what a great piece, I really like it.. said...

why thank you!