Thursday, August 7, 2008

lucky signs..

these are three twin eggs! they all came in the same dozen from the farmer's market...unreal, as far as lucky signs, i see this one as a big hitter...been a great week, very productive. i have much new work and even more new ideas! i will try and post as much of the work as i can. here are some pics of a large platter, it barely fit in my kiln! it is 3-d, with the face been a face that i threw, formed , and attached. it is the first of many i hope. also is a new mug that is going in my etsy store. it says zombie hog and is a very favorite kind. also i would like to say lightning struck near my house, and i was shocked through the medal pedal, while i was throwing. between this incident and the twin eggs, i am apt to create anything..peace


Patricia Griffin said...

I'm new to your blog... and I think I just read that you were shocked by lightning that zapped you through your wheel pedal as you were throwing???!!! Really? Or am I as PollyAnna as some of my friends say?

Your mugs are definitely inspired... could be the lightning. said...

no patricia, your no polly anna here...where does that saying come from anyways? ..yes i was shocked twice to be exact. the storm was big, we llive on the side of a mountain, and the weather is a bit closer! ithe strikes were big and not real close, but the charge must have traveled through the wires..the shockes were small, just around my ankles. the pulse popped. i kinda liked it , and was in a little disbelief myself..also hello and welcome to my funny world!