Monday, August 25, 2008


i am working at the local co-op gallery today. forgot my camera, so no new pics until tomm. had a great show in cary sat.(lazy dayz) hello and thanks to all the people i met that might be checking this out. i really enjoyed the show. i left at 3 am drove three hrs(really fast!), set up my booth, worked it for 9 hrs, sold lots of pots met many great people, feels so good to get feedback from the public..thanks folks!), broke down my booth and drove 3 hrs back home, and put my daughter to bed..what a day! it felt like a dream, cause i was on only two hrs of sleep, having stayed up late packing, and waiting for my kiln to cool. i will write more about it and post the pics of new work, and some of the customers who bought it! now i must get to work, i can carve tumblers here, while talking to customers. i love this, being able to do my work here admist the hustle of down-town boone, it is a nice break from my studio..have a great day all, and live it up..


Deborah Woods said...

Were you waiting for your kiln to cool for stuff to bring to the show? You must be pretty confident in your success rate. I know I'm not yet. I need 12 pieces for a jury review in 11 days and I'd like to get 3 firings to cover my chances-but probably only get two-and I'm gonna be doing some serious hoping for good luck. The ratio of good to bad seems to be improving however-so maybe there's hope. Congratulations on your show. said...

well, i have my glazes for the sgraffito work down pat...i use don davis clear, and a varition on the "ocean" glaze with alot of gertsley borate..most of my deco work is done during the carving process. i always have some "seconds", my major issue is me! i rush the drying process of large pieces, like platters that are 18"+ and big bottle forms that have there is some crackitudge due to my impatience...good luck with your jury,..perservere!