Wednesday, August 13, 2008

functional ghosts....

i am off to asheville to get some materials. it will be a turn-a-round trip, since i have much work to do tonight and also have my baby-girl staying with me. i finished the second large piece late last night and the two are drying in the kiln. they are too big, to let dry out and then load, so i stuck them in there right after the carvings were done. my work is turning towards a more sculptural route it seems...i will still make functional work, but i am trying to push my large forms more towards the realm of being a large canvas for my designs...i like the large square form here. it is closed except for the little wine-neck that will be corked will a nice hand-carved the form isn't really functional, but still retains the essence of a functional-form. the other form is completely closed, yet looks very much like an urn. i would like to go a little bigger, but as you can see i am maxing out the space in my kiln!...i am very excited about these two, i believe they are just the beginning..

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