Friday, August 1, 2008


uuugh. i can't figure out how to publish the pics in order....i tried doing one at a time, but it still jumbled them. oh well, i am at one of the local coffee houses, trying to save some bandwith..see i use a cell phone connection at my house, annd the plan..THE ONLY PLAN they have for 5 gigs, anything over that and verizon just gets too rich off me. so that equals out to 150 mb a day. blogging can eat up alot , and i like to listen to radio paradise, which eats some, and then one or two archived episodes of this american life, which really seems to chomp it down. so i am hanging out here digging all the funny conversations that they local middle and high school kids are laying here is a very large jar, i show the piece with just the black underglaze and then the finished piece. it is 29" tall by 14" wide. the design is a bird-elephant-face....right . i really like it.

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