Tuesday, August 26, 2008

apple hands..

i still haven't retrieved my camera from a friends house..so this is a pic. post of a past bike ride, near my house..the horses attacked me with their tongues, thinking my hands were apples(red gloves) and my body a salt lick! very funny! i will be throwing large platters today, a round of mugs, some house soup bowls and hopefully the sections for a large bottle form that i will get freaky on with the altering and carving!..some people see these large pieces that some-what resemble a functional form, and just say "yeah, but what can you use it for..or..what is it.?." i say it is art, just a different kind of canvas then they are used to...one of my clay heroes is the late rudy autio. i can see him walking up to one, and say : i dig it....hey, we all got dreams...

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