Saturday, August 30, 2008

farmers market..

shots from the morning market..i need to be a little more active with the camera..there was a lot of activity today, with great colors in both the vegetable section, and jogging suits??that the older folks seem to revel in.... my neighbors griffin and andy blew up the toamto section! i had a very good day with work being sold only hours old..i got a shot of these mugs before they left, i really liked the handles..i will have to do some more.......excited about the new pieces in progress, will post some pics tomm. daughter is demanding my services..adios..

Friday, August 29, 2008

process shots..

here are some shots of a figure i am working on. i am going more towards sculptural work, i really like the idea of creating a piece from combined forms thrown on the wheel. there is a happy balance for me, between making functional and non.functional. by no means am i a production oriented potter. it is best not be in the black and white, the all or none...i am striving to ejoy the fruits of the gray..really one day.,i hope to have a multi-media studio...ahhhh dreams.. but i do employ elements of production, working on certain forms, throwing by using only the weight of the clay and the eye. need to hop off here and get to work! i am excited about today..the pics might be out of order, still have downloading issues...this brother is a clsed form made from two thrown forms, i will do some sgrafitto work on him, and plan on giving him ears, and putting some real big rusty iron hoops in there! the covered piece is a fertility piece, in this pics it is an ode to the artist cristo...what a strange and glorious cat...may you be glorious today!! chao.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

show pics..

rain.rain.rain....i am trying to be grateful for it, but damn i needs my pots ta dry ya know! also, i haven't got a bike ride in this week, which is causing me to be a bit stir crazy....but the plants and rivers, are loving it. good for them. here are some pics from last in cary,nc.what a great long, day that my pack job? yea, me too..i still am trying new things with my booth presentation. i used cinder blocks this time!.. thanks to everyone who came out and bought some of my work...couldn't do it without ya..;) in retrospect , i would have liked to taken more pics of people with their new pieces. for me, it really completes the cycle in a nice way, when i get to met the person who likes my i will be doing some deco work, then off to a interview for the town newspaper, and finishing the afternoon with my daughter at the library with some friends...have a good day all..

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

apple hands..

i still haven't retrieved my camera from a friends this is a pic. post of a past bike ride, near my house..the horses attacked me with their tongues, thinking my hands were apples(red gloves) and my body a salt lick! very funny! i will be throwing large platters today, a round of mugs, some house soup bowls and hopefully the sections for a large bottle form that i will get freaky on with the altering and carving!..some people see these large pieces that some-what resemble a functional form, and just say "yeah, but what can you use it for..or..what is it.?." i say it is art, just a different kind of canvas then they are used of my clay heroes is the late rudy autio. i can see him walking up to one, and say : i dig it....hey, we all got dreams...

Monday, August 25, 2008


i am working at the local co-op gallery today. forgot my camera, so no new pics until tomm. had a great show in cary sat.(lazy dayz) hello and thanks to all the people i met that might be checking this out. i really enjoyed the show. i left at 3 am drove three hrs(really fast!), set up my booth, worked it for 9 hrs, sold lots of pots met many great people, feels so good to get feedback from the public..thanks folks!), broke down my booth and drove 3 hrs back home, and put my daughter to bed..what a day! it felt like a dream, cause i was on only two hrs of sleep, having stayed up late packing, and waiting for my kiln to cool. i will write more about it and post the pics of new work, and some of the customers who bought it! now i must get to work, i can carve tumblers here, while talking to customers. i love this, being able to do my work here admist the hustle of down-town boone, it is a nice break from my studio..have a great day all, and live it up..

Thursday, August 21, 2008

i's got tho's deep bottom compression blues

i really like the juxtaposition of the word "balance" and the huge crack going down the middle. i am doing my journal on paper, so if it is too small to read just click on picture to zoom..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


took the morning off to take my daughter to tweetsie railroad with coco and jenna. they had a blast. the park is a throw back from the fifties, the rides are all old school. no height restrictions, these girls went on everything, they did not like the ferris wheel too much...coco wanted off pretty bad, so jenna asked the guy too let them off, and he said sorry old is some work for my up coming show this weekend. the pitcher is for my friend jay, who is getting a collection of the amber-glazed style, little by little. this one is on me... i will be cranking it up for the next 24 hrs., hope to get 20 mugs done! i love the start of the week, to me it represents hope and promise for new work and ideas to come to fruition..the symbolism in a potters work is so grand. we see a lump of clay as limitless manifestation...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

twenty four hours

photo diary of the last twenty four glass.glaze ridge mountains.eyes water from the downhill market.good cleanup.crystal method.dust masks.mas music.babygirl and her in many forms.summertime.mucho vivo! my cup spilleth over:) , props to mother and jay..