Tuesday, March 11, 2008


here a couple of recent gocco card designs... the blue nurture is a new color..i like. i will be unloading a glaze kiln today, hope for a bunch of beauties.

Friday, March 7, 2008

as we float...

i am so into it all...i am really digging the space in which my art is moving towards. my sense of design is wide open and feeling strong. i want to create art as long as i breathe. it is very satisfying to my soul..i am going to use this blog for mainly pictures of my ceramic work, print gocco and sketches. i am going to stray away from the verbal here. my business is about to expand, and i need to have focused energy. this will be mostly a visual diary. i am backing it up on a external drive, it will be available years from now, to look back on. i hope to inspire as i have been inspired by my heroes...to do your own thang...faith.right action.perserverance.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

swimming in the stream

hello.we are getting a good rain here. i just got back from my sister's wedding in tempe,az. unbelievable. i love the weather out there this time of year. people riding bikes in spandex! i plan on spending some time out there each winter, i need sun. i was born in a desert town and i can't take all this constant decomposing and wetness that encompasses the mountains! give me dry-arid sun drenched land that foes on forever with cacti and sky! anyways, it was a good time, just too short. i will post pics of the wedding soon. here is some work that i have been doing as of late. to say i am busy is putting it lightly...the dinner set and lidded-jar, are two separate commissions..peace