Wednesday, January 30, 2008

gocco v-day card

well i am joining my myspace blog to this blog...if you want to see recent post, please go to my myspace page

two blogs..what am i thinking!we'll see how this one goes, hello to anyone new! welcome to my thought/work/life..

sweet. my valentines day card is up in my etsy shop! i put alot of work into the design and am quite happy with the out come. i am doing a small run of sixty. each one is hand printed by me and has two original illustrations, one on the envelope, one on the card. the card is a strathmore heavy white cotton stock with a red deckle. the inside is blank. the price is three dollars plus shipping. i hope you like as much i do! i really enjoy the whole process of bringing a product to fruition, from drawing the design, to picking out the card and ink colors. i could definitely work for a design company that was loose and coming from the underground...hmm, i think i'll just start my own! each signed card is 5X7, and makes framed art to whoever recieves it. also, if you don't want to join etsy, just message me here and we can work it out....give love, buy handmade with love....peace.


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Anonymous said...

These are absolutely lovely! :D