Wednesday, August 22, 2007

studio 54..

just got back from farmers market with grandpa...he is upset, because the corn he got, after shucking it, saw that the ears were not full. now he called me over to see his point, i replied, what a sorry lot, and he said she knew too...not sure what he meant, but he is pretty riled up over it.. the corn really looks good over all, but he feels that he was shorted. some people just can't be pleased...i am busy today throwing teapots! haven't done those in ages, and am feeling like i need some out there. they are a fairly complicated form. many parts and everything should come together nicely. easier said than done...the pics are of a series of female torsos, two are uncarved, two are.. i like the form, but it seems that the carving really distracts from the form..what do you think? , is my favorite tumbler out of a series.. dude has headphones], dragonfly wings and a rabbit buddy..pretty typical scene really. then we have my shelf of newly aquirred glaze materials..i am like the tony montana of howards creek now! finally we have my studio mate, mazzy, with her ongoing project of chewing a nylabone, she means business! see ya friday..

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