Friday, July 6, 2007

permanently stained bi-focals...

two days before my family leaves me for a extended time. crystal is going to stay with her friend who lives in madison, wisconsin. she is going to be up there with the girls for three weeks! she will be watching mary-beth's two kids, playing a bit of nanny, and hanging out in a very hip town during summer. one thing i really love about c. is that she loves adventure. i thought i was the wild stallion in the relationship, but i have become a homebound nilly, i really like my home here. also it is hard for me to leave my dogs, they are getting older and are special needs beasts, if you ask me. every-time we leave them, they get into somekind of trouble that requires much cleaning and wondering how the hell they did what they did. mazzy is terrified of guns and thunder, and will breakout of the house if she is inside , and if she is outside will break in. can't figure it out. mae-belles likes to eat diapers, which is like a dessert for her...very disturbing parties they through here i am sure. for a while i though they had a set of keys to get in, i could for the life of me see how when, we left they were outside, happily panting saying, "no problem...we will be good dogs, watch the house, keep the bears at bay,..mae-belles has kicked that diaper habit dad, trust me,. and i have coping skills for the thunder that i picked up from the jack-russel across the creek. no problem dad, we got the place all wrapped up, secure, and our nereioses are far behind us now, yall go on know have a good time.."at least that is what i read in their eyes,..not we will turn this muther out if you are gone longer than two days...bad, my friend we are bad bad dogs..last time we left for a week, mazzy broke a floor window, she had not a scratch, i don't know how, she is a big dog, the window is a tight squeeze for her. the way the glass broke she shoul have been punctured or sliced pretty bad. i mean when i walked up to the door she was inside, all wagging her tail and prancing in the splintered glass. my friends had been by that morning and everything was in the six hour window on their last day mazzy was able to incur a couple of hundred dollars of damage, and mae-belles had sliced half her paw off tracking a manic trail of bloody paws all over the place..six hours, the last day..., co-incedence..i think not. these pouches are trained aggravaters!...i still can't bring myself to throw them off the ridge though, i am a weak man, and a sucker for their companionship. also i have a big show at the end of july...bele is huge and i have the oppurtunity to do very well there, i will spend the next two weeks cranking out pots at a rate i have not attempted before. i will only leave the house for food and the occassional movie. from daylight to bed-time i plan on creating art, i feel a great swell of creativity that is ready to crest and in the break i shall glorify all gods explantions in my head through a constant diet of strong tea, music,writing, drawing, painting and potting. i am very sad that i will not see my family for such a stretch, especially emma-lil, she will be changing every-day, and i am soo used to her snuggles, giggles, and smiles. i shall surely have a tormented with-drawl of being her papa...the phone doesn't work when they are this young, i will infuse my art with a mixture of old ancient feelings and ones of babbling innocence that only a child can show you. i am preparing in this time to have a formidale stock to start my online store at seems like a great place to sell art, and has a thriving market=place full of artists like me, who are just in their infancy in their carrers. and they are doing well there. i am letting my wesite lapse and go away, i will instead use my energy to build the online store at etsy. this will happen when c. gets back, she will help with the photos and background stuff. business stuff, i can make art all day, but doing the paperwork is not my strong i am off to meet a gallery dealer who specializes in outsider and folk art, she has a large clientell and has already sold a painting of mine, so i feel good about our meeting today...the pics are..1. clay lumps 2. turne lumps into bottles, still need mini handles on necks and shoulders 3. watercolor painting, still need to write" sunshine and rain" on leg..4. watercolor painting titloed"four of me".. each picture has free verse written around the frame..5. the window mazzy broke! unscathed! i think she threw a rock through it! labs can do that kind of stuff, they are very smart!

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