Saturday, June 2, 2007

will you still love me tommorrow

yesterday was a good day...we went to the SFMOMA, a very inspiring place. the picasso installation had just expired, so that was a bummer, and two lfloors were closed for upcoming installations, but there was still plenty of art...some of it is hard for me to gat into..crystal and i were laughing at some of the "art" that was given so much hoopla. for example, one artist was famous for his white paintings. there was a painting that was ten feet by seven feet, in which he had carefully painted all white, so as to look as if nothing had been done...when really it was painted white, his friend the famous composer john cage said that his work was good for telling time or counting shadows of the people in the room..i couldn't believe it...i m ean the artist himself explained that he was pushing the boundaries of what a forward seems like a bit of hogwash to be close minded, but i just can't get into that kind of high-brow crap..i have seen much better art on doors and in alley's by graffiti artist in this town.. they will go to jail for their brillance, this guy will go to a museum for his...White-ness", how silly the art-world truly is..., when money, fame, high-society, and people trying to be way outside,..once an artist gets some fame...andy warhol could piss on a soup-can, and it would gather the masses to discuss it's merits and what i believe is that life and art are inseperable, any act from a soccer player heading a ball, to picasso painting, there is no a white-painting is art in the process of what the artist is trying to convey, and how the art stirs up thought..but to me, i think it to be fu-fu, i will take my stand of calling bull-shit..., i rather did enjoy the piantings that i could get up close and see the brush-strokes frozen in time, i would look at the work from afar, gathering it all in, and then get my eyeball right up on the canvas, soaking in the energy and color..i really felt connected to a number of works, i was moved to tears by just the use of color..there was an early polluck, about five years before he started the splatter paintings. it was very manic, i could really see him painting his torments, and how he used so much colr, i felt close to him in how i paint, trying to realease all the emotion and soolve it in a brushstroke..i can relate to polluck alot, even though i wasn't amazed by the piece i was moved by my interpretation of the process..i have to go now, taylor wants to get on her mat-mice..the photos are of emma's 1st birthday and a scratch-baord piece i have started..


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on that modern art stuff! My sis went to a art school, and it was such bs- the art theory. Or so I think anyway... I can stand anybody being pompous.

I'm still planning on business ventures, only they must unfold in their own time. Trust the process right?

In the meantime I am moving to DC in a month for a job, and hopefully will be finishing my dissertation over the first year while working. So yeah, plenty of time for art projects right? But I'm not discouraged. Not a bit.

I will write you more someday, once I know what I should say :)

Best wishes to you!!!
QG (i.e. that chick who emailed you about future art/ business/ gift-shop/saving-the-world collaborations.) :)

Anonymous said...

(edit: I can't stand anybody being pompous)
I really should proofread myself better :)