Monday, June 25, 2007

sexy chick on knotty pin..

while washing the familar load of ever present dishes i was drying off a series of ponderings, when my soapy brain squeaked clean this realization...i don't know so much. i am still a babe in the pre-soak cycle of the great wash of life. it is it times like this that i am humbled. one life-time doesn't seem long enough. thity years gone by and i am born again while scraping oatmeal guts out of a small stainless steel belly, that welcomes the roughness of a brillo towel. i have much living to do. art is the vechicle in which i must ride. the dishes done, i have a deep feeling of intent and purpose. i am a man with a mission, every action will have spirit and passion, no moment shall be wasted. so i go to the mac. and say to myself, i need to do some research on etsy, i need to see how other sellers are marketing their art, what their profiles say, how they deal with shipping. this will be an hour well spent, i will be that much more prepared for opening my cyber-shop, i will have the tools nbeccessary to generate a customer base, and maintain their interest. so i sit down with my coffee and start to browse. ahhh yes, this is good, i have learned about a couple of artists and their shops, i am starting to get the jist of pricing prints, and how to deal with shipping. i ahve found that greeting cards are good sellers, and to make sure i have a nice little description beneath each one..ahhh what is this? ceramic coasters with applied prints,, here is one with a mugshot,..a whole set of them, you can pick and make your own match, what a great idea! let me zoom up the pics of these guys, they look pretty intense. hmmm...mugshotys are kinda just real quick i will google mugshots, and look at just a couple, just a quiock peek no biggie, i'll come right back to investigating, researching, really using my time, there are all kinds of catagories here..i'll go to favorites and look at some of those. okay, they have a little story about the person being booked at the bottom, how interesting...and you can just click on the arrow to go to the next one. this is neat!, these people are real characters, just so much in their expressions, in just a brief you see where this is going? needlsy to say i spent the next twenty minutes browsing mugshots, mr.i can't waste another moment on this earth, time is precious, i will act with total intention..right..,like i said...i don't know so much...well this past weekend was great. farmers market was pretty good all the way around. i only sold a handful of prints, but i got good feedback, and the buyers choose different prints which is good, it means that i have a bit of a range. you never can tell what people will like. i often have pots that come out that i think are not so good, and someone will love i go by the philosophy, just create what you feel, and it will resonate with someone. different we went to a summer soltice pary on a friends farm, they live out in ashe county. what a bueatiful spot! they ahve a grand veiw of snake mountian, it looks like a old volcano from their land. i brough a couple of knotty pine boards to paint on, and ahd a little painting party. the kids really got into it, and i even got a couple of my friends to do one. i painted a chicken woman, who started out black and white, and as the night progressed, i painted, the bonfire got lit, and i switched to color added a little at a time, by the time it was done, it was a completely different painting then when i is a pic, i call it sexy-chick on knotty pine...ha ha!, also here is a water color called uno pescado, which translates to "one fish"...hope yall have a great start this week, more on wed., i also have gotten good at responding to comments,...i am a very proud of that fact..peace!

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