Wednesday, June 13, 2007

my sweet song..

yesum, today is a big one for me, much to do, jeff is going to town! what should i wear? i really don't get out much i tellya. i like it this way, it helps to make going into my small town of 24,000( half are college students who are mostly away for the summer), an exciting event. i get excited about goiing to the dump. relativity is the winning ingredient in happiness. i have been busy in my studio , i need a name for the joint, paintin' and pottin'. today i finish up a wedding commission, start working on another two, one is a medium size planter with sgraffitto, and the other is a set of mugs with this guys jewlery business logo on it, a ox..i love the ox, beautiful animal. i worked with a guy called ox, his last name was oxley..but i am sure that he came from an ox somewhere down the line. the man is a beast, who lves off off coffee and malboro would be in the thirties and he would be wearing house slippers, no sock!!!, light appparel, maybe a hoodie, and no friggin gloves!! bangin' nails! his hand felt like leather hide. amazing constitution this guy. he takes horrible care of himself and still could outlast most guys, even the ones drinking wheatgrass and doing the yoga..anyways i will work as much as i can on these projects until about one and then i go to run a glaze kiln. only one more month until my big kiln arrives, i can't wait i have put my time in as far as transporting goes. at least it is bisqued ware now, green-ware can really set man on edge, driving around these mountain roads., after that i meet will ray who owns a bead store, the only bead store..the bead box, real nice place, to sellhim some pendants that i made. they are carved and claer glazed, i am going to sell them at a wholesale price of 8 bucks a piece, they retail for around 12-14, with no necklace..after that it is off to the print shop to see about getting some prints made from the watercolors that i have been working on this last week. i am stoked about the possibilites here. the paintings have come out nice, i am using 300lb cold-press rag cotton paper, and dr.martin paints, very hig quality materials. it really matters in painting i have found, to spend the extra money for the good stuff. i am really diggin' on the watercolors. i have been keeping my color palette fairly simple, due to the fact that i don't have that many choices. these paints are expensive! i will just use one or two colors and really push the ways i can use washes and shading. good stuff. then after the print shop i go to drop off a sample of my acrylic and watercolor paintings to the farmer's market second jurying. they are getting tight, even though i have a booth, i still have to have this medium juried. i have made sure to leave all the paintings with breast home for this one...i hope i get in, this would be a great market to test selling my prints and if you are following me i am trying to expand my carreer from clay to paints, and then to fashion. can i do it? i thinks so. it will be cool to have the journey documented, if i make it, i will print out this blog and give it to my kids, telling them to do what their heart tells them to do, the universe will provide...and to blog about it so i canread from my beach chair! ha ha!

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