Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dia de humpola

getting ready to go into town and peddle some of the pendants that crystal and i made...i am hoping to set up an wholesale account at the bead box. i already sell ware there, although i don't really move any stock. i have had a mug tree that did well there in the past, but i am using the tree for the farmers market now. i should build another tree, i am pretty proud of the one i have presently. it took me the better part of a day to make, well, more like four hours, it is made =from wild-cherry and built like a freakin tank. i tried to make it look all natural, but the thing probably has forty screws in it!, i couldn't risk it falling over full of mugs you see. so the stock i have at the bead box is in a corner and doesn't see much action. low visibilty=low sales. placement of ones work is key. i have am also learning that presentation is a MAJOR SELLING POINT. i am going to remove the ware there and try the pendant angle, re-introdouce a mug tree with lower price functional mugs, i have finally found a style that allows me to sell them carved for twenty-five bucks. it is a combo of more brush-work, less carving and a little more color. theses mugs have one animal, mostly birds and say slogans such as "bluze burd", take on grammar. spelling is over rated in communication if you ask me. so i am off to peddle..also on the print front we turned over eight prints to be giclee-ed and will try them out this saturday...i am very impressed with the quality of the prints, and the lady helping me is super-cool, and all about doing what is neccessary to make this goal happen. i will post pics of the prints friday along with some new pots that are coming out of the kiln today..the pics are of a couple of plates, a set of bowls and also a angle shot of my unfinished-still-a-work-in-progress-i-need-more-hours-in-the-day-studio, notice the help..always on a lunch break if you ask me... tud-da-lou...

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