Monday, June 25, 2007

sexy chick on knotty pin..

while washing the familar load of ever present dishes i was drying off a series of ponderings, when my soapy brain squeaked clean this realization...i don't know so much. i am still a babe in the pre-soak cycle of the great wash of life. it is it times like this that i am humbled. one life-time doesn't seem long enough. thity years gone by and i am born again while scraping oatmeal guts out of a small stainless steel belly, that welcomes the roughness of a brillo towel. i have much living to do. art is the vechicle in which i must ride. the dishes done, i have a deep feeling of intent and purpose. i am a man with a mission, every action will have spirit and passion, no moment shall be wasted. so i go to the mac. and say to myself, i need to do some research on etsy, i need to see how other sellers are marketing their art, what their profiles say, how they deal with shipping. this will be an hour well spent, i will be that much more prepared for opening my cyber-shop, i will have the tools nbeccessary to generate a customer base, and maintain their interest. so i sit down with my coffee and start to browse. ahhh yes, this is good, i have learned about a couple of artists and their shops, i am starting to get the jist of pricing prints, and how to deal with shipping. i ahve found that greeting cards are good sellers, and to make sure i have a nice little description beneath each one..ahhh what is this? ceramic coasters with applied prints,, here is one with a mugshot,..a whole set of them, you can pick and make your own match, what a great idea! let me zoom up the pics of these guys, they look pretty intense. hmmm...mugshotys are kinda just real quick i will google mugshots, and look at just a couple, just a quiock peek no biggie, i'll come right back to investigating, researching, really using my time, there are all kinds of catagories here..i'll go to favorites and look at some of those. okay, they have a little story about the person being booked at the bottom, how interesting...and you can just click on the arrow to go to the next one. this is neat!, these people are real characters, just so much in their expressions, in just a brief you see where this is going? needlsy to say i spent the next twenty minutes browsing mugshots, mr.i can't waste another moment on this earth, time is precious, i will act with total intention..right..,like i said...i don't know so much...well this past weekend was great. farmers market was pretty good all the way around. i only sold a handful of prints, but i got good feedback, and the buyers choose different prints which is good, it means that i have a bit of a range. you never can tell what people will like. i often have pots that come out that i think are not so good, and someone will love i go by the philosophy, just create what you feel, and it will resonate with someone. different we went to a summer soltice pary on a friends farm, they live out in ashe county. what a bueatiful spot! they ahve a grand veiw of snake mountian, it looks like a old volcano from their land. i brough a couple of knotty pine boards to paint on, and ahd a little painting party. the kids really got into it, and i even got a couple of my friends to do one. i painted a chicken woman, who started out black and white, and as the night progressed, i painted, the bonfire got lit, and i switched to color added a little at a time, by the time it was done, it was a completely different painting then when i is a pic, i call it sexy-chick on knotty pine...ha ha!, also here is a water color called uno pescado, which translates to "one fish"...hope yall have a great start this week, more on wed., i also have gotten good at responding to comments,...i am a very proud of that fact..peace!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

dia de humpola

getting ready to go into town and peddle some of the pendants that crystal and i made...i am hoping to set up an wholesale account at the bead box. i already sell ware there, although i don't really move any stock. i have had a mug tree that did well there in the past, but i am using the tree for the farmers market now. i should build another tree, i am pretty proud of the one i have presently. it took me the better part of a day to make, well, more like four hours, it is made =from wild-cherry and built like a freakin tank. i tried to make it look all natural, but the thing probably has forty screws in it!, i couldn't risk it falling over full of mugs you see. so the stock i have at the bead box is in a corner and doesn't see much action. low visibilty=low sales. placement of ones work is key. i have am also learning that presentation is a MAJOR SELLING POINT. i am going to remove the ware there and try the pendant angle, re-introdouce a mug tree with lower price functional mugs, i have finally found a style that allows me to sell them carved for twenty-five bucks. it is a combo of more brush-work, less carving and a little more color. theses mugs have one animal, mostly birds and say slogans such as "bluze burd", take on grammar. spelling is over rated in communication if you ask me. so i am off to peddle..also on the print front we turned over eight prints to be giclee-ed and will try them out this saturday...i am very impressed with the quality of the prints, and the lady helping me is super-cool, and all about doing what is neccessary to make this goal happen. i will post pics of the prints friday along with some new pots that are coming out of the kiln today..the pics are of a couple of plates, a set of bowls and also a angle shot of my unfinished-still-a-work-in-progress-i-need-more-hours-in-the-day-studio, notice the help..always on a lunch break if you ask me... tud-da-lou...

Friday, June 15, 2007


loaded day. pinnacle would be my haircut after lunch. low point would be fixing up grandpa's water-pump. here is a place setting for a wedding commission, and two new watercolors. more later..gotta run

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

my sweet song..

yesum, today is a big one for me, much to do, jeff is going to town! what should i wear? i really don't get out much i tellya. i like it this way, it helps to make going into my small town of 24,000( half are college students who are mostly away for the summer), an exciting event. i get excited about goiing to the dump. relativity is the winning ingredient in happiness. i have been busy in my studio , i need a name for the joint, paintin' and pottin'. today i finish up a wedding commission, start working on another two, one is a medium size planter with sgraffitto, and the other is a set of mugs with this guys jewlery business logo on it, a ox..i love the ox, beautiful animal. i worked with a guy called ox, his last name was oxley..but i am sure that he came from an ox somewhere down the line. the man is a beast, who lves off off coffee and malboro would be in the thirties and he would be wearing house slippers, no sock!!!, light appparel, maybe a hoodie, and no friggin gloves!! bangin' nails! his hand felt like leather hide. amazing constitution this guy. he takes horrible care of himself and still could outlast most guys, even the ones drinking wheatgrass and doing the yoga..anyways i will work as much as i can on these projects until about one and then i go to run a glaze kiln. only one more month until my big kiln arrives, i can't wait i have put my time in as far as transporting goes. at least it is bisqued ware now, green-ware can really set man on edge, driving around these mountain roads., after that i meet will ray who owns a bead store, the only bead store..the bead box, real nice place, to sellhim some pendants that i made. they are carved and claer glazed, i am going to sell them at a wholesale price of 8 bucks a piece, they retail for around 12-14, with no necklace..after that it is off to the print shop to see about getting some prints made from the watercolors that i have been working on this last week. i am stoked about the possibilites here. the paintings have come out nice, i am using 300lb cold-press rag cotton paper, and dr.martin paints, very hig quality materials. it really matters in painting i have found, to spend the extra money for the good stuff. i am really diggin' on the watercolors. i have been keeping my color palette fairly simple, due to the fact that i don't have that many choices. these paints are expensive! i will just use one or two colors and really push the ways i can use washes and shading. good stuff. then after the print shop i go to drop off a sample of my acrylic and watercolor paintings to the farmer's market second jurying. they are getting tight, even though i have a booth, i still have to have this medium juried. i have made sure to leave all the paintings with breast home for this one...i hope i get in, this would be a great market to test selling my prints and if you are following me i am trying to expand my carreer from clay to paints, and then to fashion. can i do it? i thinks so. it will be cool to have the journey documented, if i make it, i will print out this blog and give it to my kids, telling them to do what their heart tells them to do, the universe will provide...and to blog about it so i canread from my beach chair! ha ha!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

will you still love me tommorrow

yesterday was a good day...we went to the SFMOMA, a very inspiring place. the picasso installation had just expired, so that was a bummer, and two lfloors were closed for upcoming installations, but there was still plenty of art...some of it is hard for me to gat into..crystal and i were laughing at some of the "art" that was given so much hoopla. for example, one artist was famous for his white paintings. there was a painting that was ten feet by seven feet, in which he had carefully painted all white, so as to look as if nothing had been done...when really it was painted white, his friend the famous composer john cage said that his work was good for telling time or counting shadows of the people in the room..i couldn't believe it...i m ean the artist himself explained that he was pushing the boundaries of what a forward seems like a bit of hogwash to be close minded, but i just can't get into that kind of high-brow crap..i have seen much better art on doors and in alley's by graffiti artist in this town.. they will go to jail for their brillance, this guy will go to a museum for his...White-ness", how silly the art-world truly is..., when money, fame, high-society, and people trying to be way outside,..once an artist gets some fame...andy warhol could piss on a soup-can, and it would gather the masses to discuss it's merits and what i believe is that life and art are inseperable, any act from a soccer player heading a ball, to picasso painting, there is no a white-painting is art in the process of what the artist is trying to convey, and how the art stirs up thought..but to me, i think it to be fu-fu, i will take my stand of calling bull-shit..., i rather did enjoy the piantings that i could get up close and see the brush-strokes frozen in time, i would look at the work from afar, gathering it all in, and then get my eyeball right up on the canvas, soaking in the energy and color..i really felt connected to a number of works, i was moved to tears by just the use of color..there was an early polluck, about five years before he started the splatter paintings. it was very manic, i could really see him painting his torments, and how he used so much colr, i felt close to him in how i paint, trying to realease all the emotion and soolve it in a brushstroke..i can relate to polluck alot, even though i wasn't amazed by the piece i was moved by my interpretation of the process..i have to go now, taylor wants to get on her mat-mice..the photos are of emma's 1st birthday and a scratch-baord piece i have started..

Friday, June 1, 2007


day two, west coast excursion..yesterday was slightly hazy from lack of true sleep, ahhh to be back in the world of all night long milk grubbing baby girl. she turned one and is ever so much cuter than when i last saw her, her hair can now be catagorized as a shock of blond hair, with there be several gradations of blond running from the roots to the tips. she is more solid in her stance and has taken to shrieking when she feels the need. i was told about this new behavior but thought nothing heavy 'bout it, until...we were in mom's kitchen hanging out, when time was interupted. i am not joking. she let out a short shriek, whose vibration was a steel edge, fine enough to pierce through crystal glass. i have heard of opera singers being able to break fine tuned crystal with perfect pitch in the upper strata of frequency. her voice cause a slight hallucination in my perception. i am serious..time became stopped and everything in my vision took a hard gleaming edge. it was as if the vibration of her voice did the exact oppisite of shaking the room, it froze it. all material was gleaned to a brittle moment in the highness of her voice. the shreik was not so much loud as it was clean and shrill...cleaved your bones, and stopped forward conscious-ness. slight visual fraction, just enough that the characteristics of the room were steadied in glass. i would like to get a picture of the moment of one of her hypothesis is that there will be a sharpness in the photo, all objects will stiffen, showing a luster, any people in the photo will have the look of a waxen figure, and finally there will be one thin white line that divides the space from emma's belly into two seperate this is just my thereoy, i have no way of knowing when she will pull a shriek into being, it is very seldom..and i believe that the shutter will freeze for a split second, not being able to clock in the crystal vibration that can steady time..she is very special to me, i will keep her super-human powers from the world at large, only my blog-friends and any other people strange enough to take their time out of the day to hear my cartoonish cup of reality spill all over the front page of george w. saving the world..i love being back here in parents live in the mission district, atop a hill with panaromic views of telegraph hill, and from the front of the house the veiw goes all the way to the bay..i am in a bit of culture shock right now. i am in loev withthe diversity and passion that exudes from this bohemian land. there is a creative energy here that makes me want to take to the paper with pen and write for a month straight. who cares if it is all in my head, s.f. is my writers paradise. i see the blood of the beat writers running in the gutters, boiling frothing red verabge, that spills into the gutters sounding out a be-bop rythym, a constant hum of life bleeding out the heart in colors and freedom of family jokes that i would fit right in with the almost homeless artist type, selling their work for tea money and living on strong joe, and painted metaphors. i have a strong sense of compassion for those who are on the streets in hardship and pain..but i can't help but to romanticize being in the street in s.f... the weather is always pleasant, i would go homeless here, rather than philly, where i saw many harden souls skin split with frostbite, and sores with flies from the heat...i will try and post many pictures of what i take to be the different views of the city..
steady hum the fog lifts and she is smiling
her flowers spread out before i stop,
the trolley slips and sways deep bows, every other minute..
a photograph-able human spirit parades across the corner i see myself
in the daring graffiti, sky and sea,
square buildings the city beckons my pen to explode i cannot stop
my gaze from
wrapping people's lifes into prose,
i fall in love stumbling over cracks the cast iron gates stared my desires
we slipped into the old houses, every block a museum and space ship fired into the bay
the ocean finishes a potrait of new beginings, it is good to get out of the old woods every now and then
splash my feets in puddles of culture shocked
i could spend all day in one spot..
...the pics are emma at my mothers house, emma at the park, emma and mom in a friggin red-wood tree!