Monday, May 21, 2007

toast and jelly

ahh the start of a new week..always a good place for me to be ya know. i like to operate under the philosphy that there is always tommorrow. i really try not to get stuck in the issues of my life. i prefer to move on, and a new day is always the universe saying, one more round ol' chap, now is the moment. i feel as if last week was great, i had many new ideas come through. i feel refreshed , really. i have begun painting again. it reallt loosen me up and allows my creativity to soften. in a good way...soften. the oppisite being, harden, which i relate to as narrowed focus. while the benefits of sticking with the same themes can help tighten up the series, i only move so much outside a field of view. i can get stuck in throwing the same form over and over, which is good, in that i improve my eye and technique. i don't use measuring devices, just the weight of the clay. if thrown correctly, with all the clay in it's proper place, the forms should be very close. never exactly the same though...i ain't no damn point is that it is easy to repeat the same motion, once the mind has established a rythym...hardened. painting allows me to remain in a soft state..i am not trying to master the canvas, like i am trying to master the wheel. i try to remain completely unfocused and in a state close to painting is much like dancing to music, i have no idea where the next moment will be...i suggest to anyone feeling stuck in their progress to try and paint....whether it be clay or life. just let the emotion dictate your stroke, you would be suprised in the translation...happy delight, extra shrimp...unless you are a painter, then i say play with some clay..what about the painting potter, you ask?

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