Sunday, May 20, 2007

shy guy..

great weekend so far..going out to lost cove for a hike and picnic for c's b-day. she will be 29 tomm., but her and baby-girl are leaving for a woman's herbal symposium with my mother-dearest in up state cali.., tay and i will join them next week in san fran, for emma's first b-day, life can be so great some-times. i love the west, spec san fran., my artist soul is so awake and taking in all the free energy. one of our best cities, no doubt. there are parades all the time there. hell yes, random parades rock..i plan on switching gears and doing some linoleum blocks, and scratch board, maybe approach a gallery or are a couple of pics..the first is a saki set i finished carving, i am going for a oil can look, a blend of culture if there ever was one...i am pricing the set at $125, the cork will be carved from apple wood, soaked in linseed oil. the second work is a new character that came into is a shy guy and a strong chick duo. i carved four cups for this series. he is talking to himself, saying things like "i wush i could think of something to say.." , with an animal at his back looming and she is across saying nothing with purty written across her dress.. i like the setup and can relate..who hasn't been shy before..see ya tommorrow

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