Wednesday, May 30, 2007

san fransico

taylor(.step-daughter) and i are leaving tonite for san-fransico. the plan is to go to charllotte, hang with colleen fot a bit and then on a plan at seven tonite..that puts us in s.f. at eleven their time..interesting, nver done the night flight, i have always been a window seat person, my face stuck to the glass, pretending i was flying hich above the earth. the patterns, and textures from sixty thousand feet are amazing! i really love the colors of the south mid-west into nevada' desert. i don't get the window seat so often now..i am a slightly grown up person who, has to give up the window to the younger crowd...i am always on the verge of saying, hey kid i am a governmnt person, i have to be in the window seat, just keep quiet ok...i need to focus on my spying., but i just keep quite and sit in the see well mannered men have no rights, really..i had more fun when i was a renegade, who would be sitting in the window seat, ordering extra smoked almonds, and whiskey and cokes, with headphones blaring and my visions screaming as i dictated them to paper i n frenzied drawings of hell, and personal torment...ahh to be young and feel misunderstood..great creative combo..the above scenerio was only possible, however when the airlines gave a damn...i have'nt seen the smoked almonds in years, just some watered down pretzels..four of em to be exact, and the earphones used to be free now they want five bucks, maybe ten now, i haven't flown in a couple of months..., and the whiskey well they can't tamper that too much, but now a days it is frowned upon to get toasted in public,..oh the good ole days..where people went to the restrooms together, the drinks flowed, and smoked almonds grew on trees..flying sucks now..yes i am glad that i can get from one side of the country to the other fairly quickly...but i feel like paranoid cattle. i always get searched, maybe it is the tattoos maybe my taste for middle eastern cusine, i always get searched..and i always have weird shit on me..maybe i have been flagged as a possible weirdo,..i collect rocks, and always carry some back with me, plant life, i have tried to bring cutttings of a cool cacti before, that did'nt fly..,pottery, and various items that i find interesting enough to live in my pocket for a wee bit...i kind of enjoy the search i always felx and try to act like i am not flexing, this gets a weird look, i say i work out ...thanks, i would like to say something like "don't worry i have a permit for these guns", but alas i would never make my flight..i dated a girl that would bring goodies through in her bra and panties...i always liked that, i just can't bring myself to wearing a bra,...anyways i am excited to reunite with crystal and babygirl..haven't seen them in a week..i had dreams last night about holding emma, and i woke up slightly sad that she is not here this will also be good to see my parents and westr coast family...i am bring watercolors and scratch board..i hope to do some painting out there..i cannot go any amountg of time with out creating..this has been the case for the last two years..i have found my calling, i fell right at home in this crazy life when i am working on some art..i like to always have a couple of pieces going, and always have more ideas being born in my head..i believe i am in the midst of a creative spark, i am glad that i am embracing it and not running from it into destuctive activities...let us say that i have had a destructive spark also..they creative and destructive are born from the same cloth.. i will be blogging my adventure over the next week, so come explore s.f. with me if you'd like..avv-waaa

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