Thursday, May 24, 2007

poverty is the mother of all arts...

poverty is the mother of all arts...i have a dictionary from the 1840's, can't remember how i came across it. it is the mclures family dictinary, with what looks like generations of young mclures' practicing signing their names in cursive...boyles' phonographic pronouncing dictinary, it is called. a very strange book, indeed..the author took many liberties with the language going into strnage lands with the conjugagating of words. he just goes on and on..almost like old world ebonics..for example; idiot-idiotic-idiotcy-idiotacal-idiotish-idiotism-idiotize...and so on...noe was he just plain drunk, or did people really use all those forms of idiot? don't idiotize me please, i am just pontificating the possiblities..hey i kind of like it..maybe i will write my own dictionary..the guchu files...don't worry i shall reveal the genius behind guchu in due time. so in the back of this book there is a section called maxims and proverbs, there are probably a couple of thousand sayings, some of them we still use, others like poverty is the mother of all arts,or don't buy a pig in a poke, i just don't have any idea..all though i do belive the pig in a poke is refrence to people passing off dead cats as a pig wrapped in cloth(poke), i could be wrong though...i will start using these as titles, if you know the meaning please do is a day of bowls, i will be carving eight of em, two large, six soup size..i also have two large oil can form that i will assemble. these are different than ones from the past. they will consist of three seperat pieces. a little more sculptural.. i will post is a bowl from yesterday's session...adios..

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