Friday, May 18, 2007

look at mother nature on the run...

neil of my favorite songwriters ever..we would be bff's if he went to my middle school. speaking of passing love notes, and brillant musicians, i suggest that you check out the good be tonyas. i have feel in love with their sound. beautiful, melodic, simple, and good for the soul...there is something about a haunting voice and a banjo. i had a fairly productive day, got a handful(10), of pieces carved, threw another round of mugs, whiskey tumblers, and two sake cups to set me up for saturdays i have three bottle forms(pictured) to carve, and some mugs. always mugs i tell ya. i have a mentor who has been potting professionally for thrirty-plus years, and she has assurred me that her house has been paid for soley by the sale of her mugs! damn, that is a hell of a-lotta muggage for the mortgage! ha ha! potter/comedian am i! i am happy to say that i enjoy the cup form very much, so mugs are no problem. for a while i hated making handles, but know i really try to focus in placement and shape. the handle is the unspoken hero of the mug! a well made handle can really polishe the form. i like smaller thick-like ones with room for a couple of fingers at most. this really puts alot of pressure on the balance aspect of the mug. sure if you have a big handle, the weight won't be so noticible, since you have you hand doing the lifting. however, a small handle will shout im-balanced-ness if not well placed. i feel like i hit perfuction in this fulcrum theory, one out of ten mugs. most are really close, but for everything to be in perfect form, yes ten percent of the time this happens. the shots of the carved ware are some of the whiskey tumblers that i have been trying out. i really like the postue of the form, a little dancer look, or even a tree with twisted trunk look. a lot of movement, and a strong posture. i love it....i have never been happy with symetry, i need a a little gesture to about you? the little bottle form on the right( about 7") is a sake container, i will post the complete set later...good day to all!

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