Wednesday, May 9, 2007

gearing up for LEAF..

tommorrow we leave for the lake eden arts festival in black mountain,nc. it is a great music/art festival set on a lake with all kinds of events, like fiddleand guitar competetions, $5000 poetry slam!, fire dancers, local and world music, nature walks, and on and on...we are going down to set up thursday. hopefully we will get up and set in time for a run to asheville, which is only 20 minutes from the festival. it will be nice to visit crystal's highschool friend who is back from europe. she nabbed herself a hot spainard and has moved to ashevilkle to start a family. also i would like to go to highwater to pick up more clay, look at kilns and just shop! i am like a teen-age girl/ woman of any age in a shoe store there. i can get crazy with the purchases! i have to watch my impulsive-ness, most of the crap i buy there i could probably make on my own, or don't ever really use anyway. there is such a gadget market. this spans across the board as far as i am concerned. i have played a lot of sports, and there is always someting that can improve your game if you shove out the bucks. i am suprised that they have not come out with a nike line of potter's wear. jordan clay..right, anyway here are pictures of some of last week's work. i reall cranked it out, carved a hell of a lot of clay that ios all i know..enjoyed every minute of it. i have been really into bottle lately, i just l;ike throwing them, for they are a challange. it is difficult to blow out the sides and then collar in the neck to a small rim. i like the multi-use aspect, finishing with a nice lid, and the unabstructed use of the body as a canvas...i will post more pics of the final out pu of ten days straight potting, no chaser...

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