Wednesday, May 23, 2007

deliver us from evil

i watched a documentry last night, "deliver us from evil". very disturbing. the film centered around a very uncentered man, father grady, who was sheltered by the catholic church over his four decade long career in which he molested child after child...i cannot even begin ti tell you the amount of bullshit being propaged by the church in order to justify their decesions not to turn the guy in, or even get him help. add salt to the wound the church treats these victims like the problem..these bishops in their high towers full of wealth and power are more worry about ruffles in their purple ropes and the starch in their colors then doing jesus's work. i know that this is a generaliztion, and that there are some priest and bishops out there doing good work, god bless all ten of them...but this molestation issue went all the way to the top, the current pope was in charge of dealing with grady and the other priest who had been found out, and he did nothing. he friggin washed his hands of the deal...he is now been pardoned by king georgie, to prevent him being extradited and charghed with the sick selfish, politically motivated coverup that went on in the eighties and nineties. the catholic church is full of it...always has can they profess to be doing jesus's work, and yet mis-spend oodles of dough, i am talking about since the dark ages...on glorified churches and plumping up the clergy to thinking they are says that jesus was only angry in one-place..the church. followers of jesus my ass, followers of the almighty dollar and riders of the power schlong is more like it. i was pretty upset after watching it, i am trying hard to be a good, compassionate man filled with the spirit...but i tell ya if a man like grady ever touched one of mine,..forget it, i would be spending some time in...for i would crush his laranx(throat), with the same iron fingers that have wedged and centered tons of earth, i would squeeze right through till i had my hands around the spinal coloumn...ooh it makes my blood boil...this documentry is very disturbing, i still hurt for the children that were victims of a evil man..i need to try and recenter myself now...i can get pretty worked up over people hurting children, i hate it... soooo, i am taking a breath is a busy one for me, i have to go into town, whoohooo what should i wear!..i can get pretty isolated up here just hanging out at home making art all day...i have food and water, i see no reason to leave.., but i have a meeting with barbara at hands gallery, to make space for my display. i am happy to be there, it is a beautiful spot, right on the main drag in downtown, and is the oldest gallery going..30 plus is a co-op, so i am a member, and will work there two or three days a week..along with that i am going to a gallery down the street from there and taking out all of my sgraffito work, and installing large vases, and bottle-forms fired in a reduction gas kiln to cone ten. i want not to compete with myself and i believe that having two different bodies of work will accomplish that. before all that however, i am firin g a glaze i'd best get are some pics of a new painting, i am going to take my time withit...the figure just jumped out at me, she is both beautiful and disturbing...

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