Monday, May 28, 2007

the days go by and still i...

great song do you know it..can't recall who it is by, what a catchy hook day. i am sad that we fight and kill each other and then have a day to remember those that our on "our side" is true that no-one wins in war...sure, there are hereos in war, and then there are the politicians, kings and power hungry bitches who would never dare put themselves on the front line, yet advocate that war is glorious and necessary.., i wish they would fight their own battles, instead of sending the youth, who are full of vigor and indestructible ideals, to a world full of hellish realities, such as murder, rape, torture, and "collateral damage"...oh how twisted a mans mind can be. the fact is collateral damage is a fancy word for we killed people that we did't mean to kill, while we were trying to kill people we meant to using a washed out term like collateral damage, the action is softened into a mechanical literally description that rest from from the visualization of mutilated bodies destroyed by an astray bomb. i am praying as i write that my feelings of sadness are heard and that man will one day lay down his fears and see the bigger picture that is our destiny, we are one...the seperation will only stand as long as we give greed, power and fear power over our destiny..just look into a childs eyes to know that god does smile , and that god does not see. we fall fast here fearing differences and telling our children to beware of the others....all this leads to days like day..were a few in the american population will think of the loved ones who have lost the lives, or lost their innocence,..while the masses will flock to beaches and other bodies of water, consuming large amounts of alcohol, falling further from the center..i am both americans. i have drank in joy of a day off from work, not really caring what the holiday was, much like a kid at x-mas greedily ripping through packages as jesus cries softy from his cradle..i am that child is almost like for me, a dual citizenship, being an american it is easy to fall into a culture of consuming and throwing the dirty wrapper onto a bag..who cares where the bag goes, as long as i can get more..and...then i am the shocked, a suddenly aware american who, seeing that i am part of a great connection, can no longer ignore the fat of false progress that hangs like money syrup around my eyes as i am soaked with thick messages of greasy reasons to buy, buy, buy..not understand, just buy..hey are you about to question your way of life, feel like shedding some consumer fat?....oh no, what you need is a brand new layer of shiny, nike-like, smaller and faster, fat free but fat tasting fat, with out it you are just a shell your true self, be careful lest your conscious insides might slip through the pre-fab bling/bling stomach lining and give you a fright, so quickly go to your nearest mall or superest wallmart, and hang some more material our your eyes, soon before the glimpspe becomes too strong and you are shattered a small child again, only a saddened version of who you were born to be.. they raped you..all the messages from the time you could stare, in every medium, your brain soaked, pickled with shiny objects, and sugary goodness... oh to be an american for me is to be running away from the store bought version, towards my lost child, scooping myself up in prayer, and hugging my inside in, wrapped in the arts, music and true laughter form my soul as the shiny commercial version of myself rusts in the all connected rain if life, i begin to shine again..happy memorial day..i cry for all those lost in war both inside themselves and on the big screen..

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