Tuesday, May 15, 2007

back home

alrighty then, back at the ole homestead, taking a day off for recovery...shows take a hell of alot out of you. they are a mixture of stress, joy, hard work, and new connections. my favorite part is the interaction i have with customers who are moved by my work. i have yet to figure out if it is becuase it strokes my ego, or if it is a type of communiction on a different level that we are in agreement with. making my work and doing art in general is very easy and second nature for me. i can exist better when i am in the act of creating, i get quite un-ruly when there is a period of not being able to get to my work...that is why i can not work in the system so well, i need to be able to change directions and have complete open spaces to create...i love being my own boss, hell there is no way i am going back to shining someone-else's dime, i can tell you that, no problem. this life is too much a wonderousjourney to sink my heels into some-else's fortune. i rather make my own and drink this life until i spillith over...the festival went well, not as good a showing as i had figured, but t was a greaty chance to see other opurtunites appear, and ways in which i can further open up my art to the buying public. two such non-ceramic endeavors that i am going to indulge in are block-prints, and scratchboard...look i love painting, this is what my life comes down to, i can sum up all my feeling in a painting, nothing else allows me to get so personal and free. clay, yes i can translate, maybe to well for my own good. i kind of have some say in the process and am somewhat profiecent at throwing, and decorating. not so with painting...i have no idea e=really what i am doing. this makes the process so raw and undiscovered. long story long, i brought some paintings with me to serve as the backdrop to my booth, and got very interesting re-actions. some were very excited by them ,and would ask me if so and so from such and such was a influence on me...i am sad to say i am very ingorant when it comes to art-history, i have never cracked a book, and was kicked out of my middle school art class, for disruptive behavior, and skipped highschool art to skate...so i really don't have any refrences when i paint, it is just me...so i was told that i should try linoleum cuts, or block prints, the technique is much the same as sgraffito. cool, i am excited, i have visions all kinds of stuff that i could incorporate this into. i will make an oricinal cur and then produce original prints, all the time messing around with color and the medium i print on. with scratch board i would like to go big, and finally i am energized to began painting again.. i want to keep it as raw as possible, in the outsider art fringe...messy, untapped, no desired outcome, just a playground for relaxing and letting the images be disturbed, and undisturbed all on found objects, i can't stand white canvas, too nice and i enjoy an excuse to plunder the dump for treasure..i will post these new paintings as the come into being, off to claen up everything now, freaking spring-claening galore, unpacking, weedwacking, washing, throwing out, sweeping up, the are words that will be approprate in my day..here are some shino pots from repugged clay, cone ten reduction

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