Tuesday, May 22, 2007

alternative psychedelic opti-visionary engineer

visionary engineer, this is the jod occupation of my friend phil kutno. i have met him a couple of festivals, his drawings are out of this world. an universe unto themselves..he is a mighty fine painter, too. we are both doing shikori hills in the fall, and the plan is to trade a large botle form 20" carved, for one of his original paintings...i am digging on his bukowski, "ham on rye", i drank that fine writing up at age 15, ohh the corrupted teen angst was born in royalty.. you should check out both these artist if ya got a moment...www.philkutnostudios.com, and charles bukowski, he is easy to find now...loaded bisque kiln last night, will be ready for glazing tomm..., although i don't really have a full load. i am aching to get some work ready for bluemoon gallery in seagrove...i am pushing onto three galleries this month, and it is a little bigger project than i anticipated. actually this would not be such a duanting feat if it were not for my other projects...the newest has to do with the word "guchu"..i am doin a little word association product test market here. let me ask you this,..when you say guchu(pronounced goochew), what comes to mind? i will unveil the product later, first i would like to see how the name resonates..i am sampling everyone i come into contact with., so far this has been my two dogs, they seem to think i am asking them if they would like some ham or a bisket... my step duaghter is the vice president in charge of marketing guchu, but she is attending class(4th grade), so i am doing a little field work myself...the product will be tested at the farmer's market this saturday. taylor and i plan on retiring from the profits by the end of july...back to the work, yes i have a full mark of work for this month. besides a handful of commissioned work, i am really focused on creating a couple of character lines to go into these galleries. i have two that i like, first the lady reflecting on her love life, while stretching her toes towards daisy, or any flower really, and the shy guy, who tyhoughts about the really fine woman across from him appear on a looming animal, like a bunny...my plan is to have certain story-lines remain with certain illustrations, and let the story evolve. i will also keep the series in one gallery. for example i would like to do a show at the nth gallery in boone have the shy guy series there, and then have it for sale at hands gallery, also in boone. by keeping the series isolated, collecters will bve able to follow the story-line, and i can better dig in. so at each gallery, i see a variety of my work, with a single story-line character series, that i will keep there and seperate from other venues..just a thought. it seems that i will have a easy time keeping track of the different story-lines. if i don't cross pollenate...so the pics here are of the paintings that i have been engaged in, instead of having a social life...maybe i have a slight solidary thread in my cloth, but i do prefer painting to parties..unless it is painting at a party..which i plan on doing..i tried bringing ware to have everyone carve, but it was a disaster, with carving you can't puit back what you take, and some people were too intimadated by this...but the childeren, ohh no, they had no hesitation...they mutilated it, over carved until it was just very little slip left..so next time i will bring an easel, board and paint...group paintings can really rock..so here are some pics the horse is finished, the close up is of her belly which is full of bird and a little man, and the house is still a work in progess, my profile pic. variation is me messing with the photo tint..i like the sepia alot! the mug is one of my favorite carvings from yesterday...the words are sin, and pleasure in excess is criminal...good-day.

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